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After many years of walking uphill, barefoot, in the snow to life each day, I found a simpler way. A daily way overwhelmed by God's Grace. It still snows at times. It's still uphill at times. Although I am still barefoot, now it is because I am standing on the Holy Ground of my life just as Moses did when He felt God's presence and heard His voice in Exodus (Ex. 3:5).

Choosing to live by God's Grace daily is to allow our lives to be our Holy Ground. It's a gift to see the Almighty's hand and Grace in our daily lives. 

Join me if you would like to, for a season or a lifetime on this journey. All are welcome. Come as you are, not as you wish or think you should be, just come as you are... 

This is me on my journey, on my way Home.

Much love and grace to you,


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