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More About Dani

Hi Friend!

Welcome to my home on the internet! I would love to get to know YOU too, so let’s connect!

This is where I am supposed to share with you that I’m a speaker & an entrepreneur, consultant & Co-Founder of an awesome non-profit, The 11th Initiative that is partnered up with World Vision to help Syrian Refugees… seriously it’s an awesome movement! And I can say that because I did NOT think of it! My 11 year old did, but that’s a story for another day. Or check it out here & join the movement!

BUT I also really want you to know that I am on a passionate pursuit TO wholeness! This life has broken and bruised me BUT through it all & by the Grace of God, I have found hope, purpose & dare I even say j.o.y & peace at times. I blog & vlog and I would love to connect with you! Seriously, my passion is connecting with others through the difficult things of life… I mean it when I say I would love to chat with you if you need someone to talk with.

We can also connect on insta & facebook. I am passionate about building community and super passionate about walking with others and helping them break-free from what is holding them back from their true purpose on this earth.

YOU my friend, have purpose!

I have so much more to say… just ask my husband. ;)

I write my thoughts here on my BLOG or connect with me dani@danisumner.com

Looking forward to connecting with you on way or another! Huge blessings to you!


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