no more chasing the illusion of comfort

A chase drink is something tasty you drink right after a shot of hard alcohol to make the shot more livable—like juice, soda or even beer.

The true logic of that alludes me now that it has been nearly 5 years without a drink. Why on God’s green earth would I drink something awful only to follow it up with something tasty to make it livable? Well, besides the obvious reason for any addict (a post for another day) the chaser drink made my decision to drink something hard (awful) more livable. 

And the more I think about it, I still use that philosophy in a lot of ways. 
I have to pay a big bill so I “chase” it with buying something to make me feel better. I had a long rough day, so I ‘chase’ it with a big bowl of ice cream (or 2?). I over-reacted to my kids for just being kids and I “chase” that decision with buying them something to make ‘them’ feel better. 

The truth is we go through hard things every day, and the human tendency (at least in the human typing these words) is to “chase” it with something to make it more livable or palpable. The issue is not necessarily the ‘chase’. Buying myself something nice is not necessarily bad, but if it’s to comfort me, that is probably not the best idea. It is not that ice cream is bad—but if I am using it to comfort my bad day, that is probably not the best idea. It’s not that buying my kids something is bad, but buying it for them because I over-reacted and yelled at them is not the best parenting advice I would give you. 

My point is, I want to stop chasing, and start living! Life is messy. My kitchen is messy too, but that doesn’t mean I still can’t cook and make a great meal.

I don’t want the mess of life to hinder me from truly living. I don’t want the difficulties this broken world throws at me to make me “chase” after something else to comfort me. 

I know the Comforter. And He knows me. He chose me before the dawn of time to be His daughter. He loves me and He is teaching me every day how to live within the uncomfortable things in my life and NOT chase after some other thing to make those things more livable. After all, every thing I could ever choose, but Him, would fall short. Thankfully, they must fall short. They are all imposters to real comfort. I choose today the One who can comfort any hard things I need to swallow—and I choose to allow Him to CHASE me with His love, rather than me chase after some illusion of comfort. God is a God of the chase—AND He is always the chaser. Chasing us with His love, His mercy, His compassion, His understanding, His peace, His grace.. and when we allow Him to catch us, that is true living. 

Daily Grace to you,

Inspiring verses:

Ez 34:11 “For this is what the Sovereign Lord says: I myself will search for my sheep and look after them.”

Jeremiah 31:3 “The Lord appeared in the past, saying: "I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.”

Lamentations 3:22-23
“Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for His compassions never fail. They are new every morning: great is your faithfulness.”

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