Drink It Up!

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Odd title coming from a recovering alcoholic I know. ;) 

A few weeks ago I was in San Fransisco for a business meeting. Before my meeting, I went in to Starbucks to grab a cup of coffee. A homeless gentleman in front of me named Rain bought it for me. Rain not only bought my coffee but he also bought it for the 5 people behind me as well. He so blessed me! We chatted for a bit afterwards. He shared how that morning someone turned his whole day around. They bought him a cup of coffee and gave him some money. So he decided to go in to Starbucks and use the money to ‘pay it forward and bless others’. He said “not only homeless people need a hand at times. Everyone needs to know someone else is looking out for them.”—wow. Perspective. Thank you Rain!

I am reading the book “Awareness” by De Mello— a Jesuit Priest and psychotherapist—what a combo. In his book he tells this powerful story; “…some people who were on a raft off the coast of Brazil were perishing from thirst. They had no idea that the water they were floating on was fresh water. The river was coming out into the sea with such force that it went out for a couple of miles, so they had fresh water right there where they were. But they had no idea. In the same way we’re surrounded with joy, with happiness, with love…”

This morning I was reminded anew how much we need each other and need to know someone is looking out for us. I think isolation and the ‘committee’ in our heads talk us out of community and deep friendships. Not just people who ‘know of us’, but those who truly ‘know’ us. Scary at times, I know, but beautiful nonetheless. 

This morning I woke up late, and it was ‘morning yard duty’ day for me—I still get so excited when I show up and do the yard duty thing! These are the little triumphs this recovering addict tends to celebrate! I like to celebrate things like cutting tomatoes or watermelon for dinner. Or making Nutella sandwiches for my kids for lunch. Or being yard duty once a week. These are the “little” things being able to do day in and day out that I don’t ever want to take for granted. I probably celebrate these little triumphs so much because I know all to well, what ‘could have been’. I see it day in and day out in other friends lives. I know to well, and have the season etched in my mind, of not being able to get out of bed to make sandwiches for my kids. Let alone making sandwiches & being yard duty ALL on the same day! Celebrate your victories people, celebrate! I have found that even the small ones are worth celebrating! Grace wins. 

Anyway, as I was leaving the school today I ran in to a friend. We chatted about life a bit. I left our conversation so encouraged and so blessed. I never tire from hearing about someone’s life and how they walk through it with such grace and faith. Needless to say, it was a divine appointment for MY heart today. I almost missed it too. But today I realized the fresh (refreshing!) water given to me to drink from. I left the school with a little more fire in my bones and perspective. 

Right after that I ran, in to the grocery store (tomatoes and watermelon were on my list). That is when I met “Meg”—Meg works at the store and she said “how is your day?” I said “Actually great! It’s been such a season of struggle, I have been dying to say ‘great!’ so thanks for asking!”

Meg responded, “Perspective is so good, right? It’s so good to be reminded no season lasts forever. And our task is to walk through it with as much grace as possible.”—Wow Meg yes, thank you! 

I get so focused on the ‘season’, sometimes I miss the grace that abounds in the season. Or the fresh water right under my ‘raft’. I need only be open to it. It’s all around us. Micah 7:7 says “But as for me I watch in hope for the Lord, I wait for God my Savior; my God will hear me.” I have found God sends grace sometimes in the most unlikely places, if we are open to receive it. Like in the parking lot at my kids' school. Or buying tomatoes & watermelon at the grocery store. Or even at a Starbucks being blessed by my new homeless friend Rain. 

Be on the look out today, someone is looking out for you. You are NOT alone! Drink it up! 

I love you,


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