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Here’s the deal, if something I wrote connected with something deep in you and you want to or need to talk, but really feel like you have no one else you can confide in or talk with about these things, please for the love of God and all things holy—reach out to me! I have been there too. I have lived through the season of wearing sweatpants all day wallowing in regret, worry and pain & eating cheesecake all day. Yes, that day did happen. More than once. I really love cheesecake.

That is the main reason I am opening myself up on internet to ‘strangers’ to chat, because I once felt like I had no one to share with too. We really aren’t strangers anyway, right? We all have a story. We all in one way or another have lived through some sort of hell & the last thing I want YOU to feel after all you have endured is that you are alone and have no one to talk with. That is such an isolating place. I am not a therapist and can’t give clinical help, but I can listen and be a safe place for you to share if you need it.

Please complete the form below & my assistant sarah will be in touch to schedule our time. she is rad.

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