Everyone has a story to tell.

I want to hear yours, Let’s hang out.

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I’m Dani!

Telling the truth is my jam! I am a motivational speaker who tells the truth—I’m brutally honest about my life & my story. The good, the bad and the da’ ugly parts too. I was bound by shame and secrecy for tooo long. That $#!+’s poison for our souls. I promise you, life is too short to waste it on regret & worry. You have someone to become, and it’s YOU. I love to laugh & to hopefully make you laugh too—laughter is one of my love languages. So is community, compassion & iced tea and dancing silly (mostly to annoy my kids). ;)

If you have life all figured out, please message me the secret sauce because I missed that ‘figured-life-out’ day in school. Life can be sooo hard at times, but oh so sweet too. I am a recovering alcoholic but that defines nothing about me other than I am easily addicted to things that only temporarily help me feel better. Barley feel better. And frankly, usually make me feel worse. You ever been there?

To better describe me, I am joyFULLY recovering from l.i.f.e—O.n.e. God-given day at a time.

Hang in there, we’re better together! Let’s do this!

Don’t quit life before the miracle happens. It’s on the way…

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