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Hi! So glad something I ‘said’ resonated with you! I LOVE connecting with people—I love connecting with YOU! If you are interested in having me speaking at an event, awesome! I’m flattered. :) I’d love to connect and see if it’s a fit for both of us. Please fill out the form below and my assistant will be in touch to set us up a time to talk, sound good?

Sometimes people ask if I have a speaking topic list…

I don’t. LOL. I am not sure I have ever given the same message twice. ;) Don’t I wish! haha. I am totally open to discuss topics and subjects you would like talked about.

A few of my passions to help you and your team figure out if I’m a fit:

I love talking about:

  • The hard things in life—abuse, secret sins, fear, etc.. If it’s hard to talk about it, I usually like to talk about it. But in a light fun way too. I promise it won’t be all tears. There will be laughter! Lots of laughter. I believe Jesus actually heals us thru laughing. ;)

  • Intimacy with Holy Spirit, Jesus and Father God.

  • Recovery & all things H.E.A.L.I.N.G! Inner healing is my jam.

  • Syrian refugees… my new passion and purpose on this planet!

  • Mommy-hood and how it has kicked my tail and oddly made me whole.

  • Have something else in mind? Let’s connect and see if it’s a fit!

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